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Special chocolates that are ideal gifts.

Chocolate PagesChocolate Pages

Sell them at your pay-points to keep the well read well fed.

Edible cocoa-butter transferred typography, as it appears on our cellophane-wrapped dark Belgian couverture Chocolate Pages. Finished with ribbon bookmark (net weight: 45g).

Each red ribbon-tie gift box contains two deliciously thick Chocolate Pages. Available Plain, or with Limpopo Lime, Karoo Mint, Red Hot Chilli or Orange.

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Chocolate ShapesShaped Chocolates

Box with display-window, containing 12 x Belgian milk — or white — Chocolats Marionnettes’ cocoa-butter design-topped circular individual chocolates with plain or flavoured caramel — or praline — fillings:

Choice of fillings for circular shaped cocoa-butter transfer-topped Belgian couverture chocolates:

Filling 1: Traditional caramel
Filling 2: Rose-geranium caramel
Filling 3: Mint caramel
Filling 4: Traditional praline (blended almond syrup)
Filling 5: Rose-geranium praline (blended almond syrup)
Filling 6: Lime praline (blended almond & syrup)
Filling 7: Dark chocolate gianduja (50% milk chocolate + 50% blended hazelnut & almond)
Filling 8: Milk chocolate gianduja (50% milk chocolate + 50% blended hazelnut & almond)

Each box contains a transparent x12 skillet-tray and is available in RED or WHITE.

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Sweet LovesSweet Loves

Sell them at your pay-points to keep love alive — every day.

Edible cocoa-butter transferred hearts as they appear on our cellophane-wrapped white Belgian couverture chocolate Sweet Loves (net weight: 45g).

Available with Egoli Flake or Lemon Verbena.